Artprice comments launch of FrenchArtFund investment fund, regulated by the AMF

by ADF Admin

Investing in the art market

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]rtprice by Artmarket has read the article by Martine Robert and Anne-Sophie Vion published on 25 January 2024 in the French financial newspaper, LES ECHOS titled "Exclusive: FrenchArtFund, the first art investment fund regulated by the AMF", in which Artprice is mentioned as a specific value sought by the mixed Specialized Professional Art Fund.Artprice100© vs. S&P 500 vs. STOXX Europe 50 – Base 100in January 2000

They agreed that their visions of the art market have a great deal in common and it was clear that Olivier Bourdelas' motives for the launch of the FrenchArtFund are very much in line with our own appreciation of what the French art market needs.

The art market and financial markets

In our discussion, Olivier Bourdelas confirmed his view that the art market has many similarities with financial markets, saying that there was "a great deal of symmetry between the two worlds." This observation perfectly mirrors the results of Artprice by Artmarket's historical research and much of its work and publications over recent decades. Artprice's econometric and index tools are essential for building investment funds on the Art Market.

Invest in Art

Olivier Bourdelas had told "In an unpredictable world where true value is hard to find, savers are increasingly looking for something meaningful to invest in. A long-term investment in art produces and supports cultural and educational values that are different from traditional investments. Investing in art is therefore not just an investment in a 'tangible' asset, it is also a fun and 'presentable' investment in our collective future." On the other hand, Artprice sees "Art is today widely considered as an alternative investment which not only offers high returns but also a low correlation to typical financial assets. Investing in works by the greatest artists (like Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, or Georgia O'Keeffe for example) can therefore be both personally and financially enriching, as long as we pay attention to the specificities of the art market, and notably, the time it can take to sell a unique artwork."

A very large market

Olivier Bourdelas also says "With 53 million millionaires and 2,153 billionaires in the world (up 53% over 5 years), there has never been so much capital invested in the art market. Art, and especially Contemporary Art, allows you to differentiate yourself while diversifying your heritage. thierry Ehrmann, Founder of Artprice and President of says "In 2017, during our conceptualized study of the global museum industry, we noted that more museums were created in the world between 2000 and 2014 than throughout the 20th century and that the 21st century would see the opening of 700 new art museums of an international character every year that will naturally legitimize and absorb artworks, which, in turn, by remaining in the museum collections will strengthen the art market."

Investment strategy

Olivier Bourdelas has told Artprice by Artmarket that this mixed Specialized Professional Art Fund will invest 60% in works of art created during the 20th and 21st centuries by artists who rank in the world's Top 500. Lastly, Olivier Bourdelas has confirmed what was announced in the LES ECHOS article by Martine Robert and Anne-Sophie Vion, namely, that the FrenchArtFund will allocate part of its funds to the acquisition of shares in companies linked to art such as Artprice, LVMH, and Groupe Chargeurs.

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