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title:hananoiroha + bi

「花の色はうつりにけりないたづらに わが身世にふるながめせしまに」

'The colours of the flowers are changing, and my body is still in the world, and I am still in the world, and I am still in the world.’

This poem, in which Ono no Komachi compares the decline in her appearance in her later years to flowers scattered by a long rain, is written in traditional hiki-baku (foil) used for Nishijin obi, with the words pasted and scattered without writing. On the ground, the words are written in black paint and overlaid with white, making the text unreadable.
It represents the image of a woman struggling in modern society, hiding her true feelings and mending her flamboyance.

2022年 φ73 × 2cm


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